26 and 2 Yoga Teacher Training

26 and 2 Yoga Teacher Training

If you have a passion for yoga and are interested in deepening your practice, this teacher training is for you!
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“In the complementary nature of the universe the harmonious union of 2 well seasoned dedicated teachers with totally different styles brings a resounding wholeness to your yoga journey. Nina’s yin to Jill’s yang allows you to deepen the spiritual ,emotional, and physical aspects of your practice to give you a greater understanding of yourself” 

-BYDB / Student

“I recently attended a yoga “Master Class” at Bikram Yoga in Delray… The synergy between these two accomplished teachers was immediately apparent as the took us on a deep dive into all 26 poses. Often times they seamlessly finished each other’s sentences while guiding us through the instruction. Jill’s kick ass, no nonsense style contrasts perfectly with Nina’s more nurturing, supportive style. My experience was inspiring and I now have a new knowledge and confidence in my practice.”

BYDB / Student

“No other experience in my life has contributed to my personal growth as deeply and permanently as this training. I expected to strengthen my practice and deepen my knowledge of yoga theory/history, which happened, but I had not expected to develop such a deep, abiding love and respect for the practice of yoga as I now understand it, nor to form such strong and meaningful bonds with my fellow students, teachers and mentors.” 

Trainee / Winter 2019